Cruise Control

Are you looking to have Cruise Control fitted? We are able to supply and fit a range of digital cruise controls which are designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle. Whether that’s a Car, Motorhome, Van or Truck.

Not to be confused with Auto Pilot, Cruise Control is one of the many technological developments that have made driving more comfortable. It is especially useful for commuters and long distance drivers.

Cruise Control Car Motorhome

What are the benefits of having Cruise Control fitted?

  • Some Drivers use it to avoid inadvertently creeping over the speed limit. As a result this keeps the roads safer and lessens the chances of getting a fine.
  • Increase in fuel efficiency due to maintaining a consistent speed.
  • Reduced driver fatigue on long journeys making driving safer and more enjoyable due to not having to constantly keep a foot on the accelerator pedal.

At AD Auto Electrical we pride ourselves on high quality installations, ensuring that the end result is as aesthetically pleasing as it is efficient. Packed full of features, our systems can act as a speed limiter/ cruise control and even have memory buttons. We have a range of aftermarket systems available to meet your needs, base vehicle and budget.

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