A Thatcham approved Category 5 GPS/GSM Stolen Vehicle Tracking System.

As standard a Category 5 product offers driver recognition tags, remote immobilisation, tow-away alerts, battery disconnect and battery low and tamper alerts but the Meta Trak 5 also provides a dedicated mobile app suitable for IOS and Android.


This product is designed to meet the highest Category 5 Insurance criteria set out by all major insurance companies. However, it is also a valuable asset in ensuring that any vehicle at risk of theft where keys have been stolen is protected by the driver recognition tags and remote immobilisation option.


  • Cat. 5 Thatcham / Insurance Approved
  • Driver Recognition Tags
  • Remote Engine Immobilisation
  • Mobile/Tablet App IOS and Android
  • Web Platform – locate on demand
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • European Cover as standard
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle

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The Meta Trak 5 is suitable for all 12 volt cars, vans and lorries and is designed to be installed on any situation where there might be a risk of theft using the vehicles own or cloned keys.