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Webasto is the market leader when it comes to diesel heating and produces more than 1 million fuel-fired heaters every year for all kinds of markets. Quality, reliability and performance based on sophisticated testing standards have always been our top priority. This has enabled us to adapt the heaters perfectly to suit your motorhome needs and to provide sophisticated solutions.

Enjoy cosiness during your holidays. Webasto ensures you’ll have a warm cabin and warm water during your adventure holidays. We offer the ideal solutions for more independence on the road for all kinds of recreational vehicles – from campers to fully integrated motorhomes.

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Integrated space & water heaters

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The Webasto air and water heater product range offers variable functions and heat capacities. In addition, we offer complete, pre-assembled water stations, water pumps, accessories and worldwide service.

Air heaters: Simple and compact

In air based systems, the air is heated immediately before it is redirected into the interior of the bus – an extremely fast and efficient way of heating. Webasto Air Top air heaters are suitable for fast and economical heating of mini and midibuses.

Water heaters: Twice as economical

The Thermo water system heats up the vehicle’s own cooling water circuit ensuring a preheated engine and interior. A preheated engine starts easier, consumes less fuel and emits fewer pollutants.