What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is used in Cars, Vans, Trucks, Buses, Excavators, boats and the list goes on. 

AdBlue is a water and ammonia mixture which when used in combination with an SRC System (Selective Catalyst Reduction) reduces harmful emissions from vehicles and enables manufacturers to comply with the latest Euro 5 & 6 exhaust gas regulations.


Problems That Can Arise

For the SRC system to function there must always be an adequate level of AdBlue in the tank and it should be treated as a serviceable item. Your dash warning lights will kick in to give you prior warning to top up but if the AdBlue should fall below this required level the system can become damaged and the vehicle will go into limp mode or stop working. As with fuel consumption, Adblue levels will deplete quicker the harder and faster the vehicle is driven. While AdBlue is relatively inexpensive the SRC system can be incredibly costly to repair and replace. Damage to it can occur if topped up with left over Adblue as once open it can easily become contaminated. If AdBlue is accidentally added to the Diesel tank the vehicle must not be driven as this will cause damage to the engine components and vice versa.


The Solutions

We are able to offer two solutions to resolve AdBlue issues both resulting in the Adblue System being turned off.

On some vehicles we can deactivate the AdBlue engine management software by reprogramming the ecu which can also be done in conjunction with a remap to improve other aspects of your vehicles power and torque.

Other vehicles will require an AdBlue Emulator to provide an SRC system bypass.

Please call us to find out which method would apply to your vehicle.



AdBlue removal should only be carried out on vehicles for off road, racing use and export outside of the European union. Using a vehicle with the system removed on public roads is at the owner or operators risk. AD Auto Electrical take no responsibility for improper use of his service.









If you have an additional blue filler cap next to your usual fuel cap then your vehicle is fitted with AdBlue technology. While most AdBlue filler caps are positioned here some cars have the filler cap in the boot concealed under the carpet – if unsure check your manual. Commercial vehicles commonly have filler caps away from the diesel cap.