Go Solar! A regulated Solar Panel system will keep your Caravan or Motorhome batteries fully topped up, saving you money and leaving you free to roam wherever you like in the knowledge that you have power at your fingertips without needing an electric hook up.

Solar panels offer:

  • Freedom – Leave the grid behind but still have use of lighting, refrigeration, laptops and entertainment equipment. Camp anywhere in comfort.
  • Quiet – No need for noisy generators
  • Savings – Solar panels keep batteries charged which prolongs lifespan and reduces replacement frequency. Solar also saves you on site hook-up fees. The sun is a free power source and pollution free.
  • Low Maintenance – Solar requires almost no maintenance. Keep the glass clean – that’s all!


We can provide and fit a wide range of motorhome and caravan solar panels. We are happy to provide advice and recommend a solar panel for your needs, give us a call today.