Dash Cams are quickly becoming the must have piece of car tech and they are certainly one of the most useful. Unlike most in car tech and gadgets, Dash Cams don’t provide any entertainment, their sole purpose is to record anything that goes on around you while you are driving and provide video evidence in the event of a road traffic accident. Some Dash Cams will even record while the vehicle is parked and can capture evidence of vandalism if it should occur.

Dash Cams give clear cut evidence by providing useful footage leading up to and after a collision and so can easily identify who was at fault in the event of an accident. This is incredibly helpful when there are no witnesses where often the innocent party would often still end up paying half of the bill on a 50/50 ruling. Video evidence can also protect the driver from the growing trend of “Cash for Crash” scammers.

Here at AD Auto Electrical we can provide Dash Cams for every budget. When buying a Dash Cam image quality is of paramount importance as the video captured needs to be clear if it is to be used as evidence. The higher the resolution on the camera the better the video quality. Another option to consider is the lens itself. Cameras with polarised lenses counteract the glare of head lights giving clearer recordings at night – a must for those who drive in the early or late hours and for the darker months.

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