Using the latest equipment AD Auto Electrical are now able to provide diagnostic leak detection services, enabling us to detect, locate and repair leaks in sealed systems such as turbos, exhausts, manifolds and more.

Our new equipment allows our experienced technicians to diagnose these difficult to find faults quicker and with greater accuracy meaning that your vehicle will be back on the road sooner and with less labour time accrued, saving you money. Once repairs are complete we are able to re-run the diagnostic tool to ensure the leak has been eliminated successfully, ensuring that vehicles are fixed first time.

We are able to diagnose all types of leaks;

Turbos and Intercoolers, Manifolds, EVAP (Fuel Vapour Recovery) Exhaust, EGR Valves, Seals, Gaskets, Oil, Brake Vacuum Hoses, Brake Boosters, Wind and Water Leaks, Cooling Systems, Diaphragms, Central Locking Systems and much more.

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