To protect your vehicle AD Auto Electrical provide a range of parking sensors and reversing cameras.

AD Auto Electrical are authorised Scorpion dealers whose range of vehicle sensor systems are the most advanced available on the market today. Sensors can be fitted to front and rear bumpers and the system will emit an audible beeping tone to alert the driver to any object/s within the immediate vicinity. An optional LED screen can also be added to the system.

 Our reversing sensors can be colour coded to match the vehicles bumper to give a seam free look. We pride ourselves on taking the utmost care when installing aftermarket upgrades, with parking sensors our aim is to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

We supply and fit a wide range of reversing cameras and monitors suitable for a whole range of different applications. So whether you’re looking for a reversing camera for your motor home, 4×4 or a multi camera system suitable for agricultural machinery we can find something suitable for you. Flush mounting cameras can be drilled and recessed into a panel or bumper to ensure they are as unobtrusive as possible and maintain the look of the vehicle. Monitors can either be dash board mounted or be incorporated as part of a dash multimedia console.